Dakota Silvey

 Playwright, Stage Manager and Wildland Firefighter


About Dakota

Dakota is a New York-based playwright, stage manager, wildland firefighter and U.S. Air Force Veteran. He has spent a great deal of his life traveling from place to place. In recent years, he has been spending his summers on the road traveling domestically and abroad with a Forest Service Interagency Hotshot Crew battling wildfires. In the winter, he has been carving out a career as a stage manager for a diverse array of plays and musicals in New York City. 


Dakota Silvey is an emerging playwright. His latest play, Wildfire, is the first of several full-length plays he plans to stage in the coming years.

A hunter on the lam and an Alaskan midwife reveal their deepest secrets while flying through a deadly storm in the Alaskan Bush. As the unlikely pair barrel toward Earth, they confess to each other. Can a lifetime of good make up for a moment of bad?

Full-Length Production coming to the Gene Frankel Theatre March 6-10, 2024!

a Full-Length Play

Wildfire is a harrowing tale about a squad of firefighters at the doorstep of the largest fire of their lives. With the looming threat of death before them, they explore past traumas, generational prowess, expired ideals of masculinity, and new ideas of femininity in a profession that primarily relies upon outdated traditions under the guise of austerity. 

Stage Manager

Dakota is a passionate theatremaker with several years of experience working as a stage manager and all around theatre technician having honed his skills as a capable lighting technician, audio technician, carpenter, prop runner and dramaturg. Dakota is proud to be able to use these skills to make him a more well-rounded and efficient stage manager.

Below are his most productions as a stage manager.

Into the Woods
Stephen Sondheim & James Lapine


Satan and God
William T. Jones

House of American Activities
The After Image

Almost, Maine
John Cariani


Here are some programs Dakota has collaborated on as a Dramaturg.


Fuck, We're Alive!

by Ernst Toller

Laramie Project Final Draft pdf 1.pdf

The Laramie Project

by The Tectonic Project

Wildland Firefighter

Among his various careers and job titles, Dakota is immensely proud to call himself a Hotshot. He has spent several years fighting fire with an advanced firefighting crew from Colorado, "Pike Hotshots." Hotshot crews are specialized firefighting crews notorious for spending the entire season on the road travelling from fire to fire both in the United States and abroad. 

Catch and Release in Muskegg Buzz.pdf

"Catch and Release" Short Story

This piece of fiction was inspired by my time in Canada battling a nearly million-acre fire. I wrote this on the fireline and submitted it to a local paper for publication.